We are known for our best tasting fruit teas.

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Taste of fruits that makes you feel good!

You want the best tasting fruit tea?

TEEKANNE is a specialist in fruit tea since 1882 and is #1 in fruit tea around the globe. We strive for best quality and an amazing taste that will make you sing:

I feel fruits, I feel good!

Discover our new fruit teas!

  • Sweet Peach
  • Blueberry
  • Italian Lemon
  • Ginger Orange

Sweet Peach



Our new product Sweet Peach reminds on delightful summer days with the sweet and fruity taste of sun-ripened peaches. You can enjoy this thirst quencher hot and cold with your whole family.




With this tea we made an homage to the exquisite taste of blueberries – tasty, fresh and colorful! Enjoy the fruity sweet flavour with every sip.

Italian Lemon



Have a sip of „Bella Italia“ and enjoy the sweet fruity taste of this delicious tea blend! Enjoy the sweet indulgence of fresh sun-kissed lemons. The perfect tea for the whole family hot and cold.

Ginger Orange



Experience the combination of spicy ginger with fruity oranges.
A hint of cinnamon gives this delicious tea something special.


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