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Our quality promise

"Everything from a single source" is our quality promise and it means for us, on every stage of the whole value added chain - from the origin to the ready-made product - to be actively involved. We will explain how it works using an example

Best choice - Buying on a partnership basis
To guarantee the good quality of important raw materials, TEEKANNE buys raw materials mainly on the basis of contract growing and/or from suppliers that are our long-standing partners. Selection on site Already at the beginning of the value added chain, in the country of origin, TEEKANNE agricultural engineers verify the observation of the quality standards. The starting point is the selection of the optimum growing areas by our experts. Such factors as climate, soil properties, sun exposure and pure water play the crucial role. Finally, the selected growing farms are advised and supported by TEEKANNE agricultural engineers in the field planning of the growing areas, the choice of the perfect seed and the optimum further processing of the products. The further growing and harvesting are regularly supervised by TEEKANNE experts on site with regard to a holistic growing concept, considering of humans, nature and the environment. For example, our experts can provide recommendations on fertilization by carrying out special soil tests.
Best choice
Pesticides are only used when necessary and with active components permitted in the EU. The further processing of the harvest, for example, in case of black tea, welting, rolling, fermenting, drying and storing, is regulated by TEEKANNE rules and process sequences. The observance of strict environment protection and hygiene standards is regularly checked by TEEKANNE. Advising by TEEKANNE Agricultural engineers from TEEKANNE support producers advising them at all times. The long-standing cooperation with our producers and suppliers led to a trust based relationship, which, besides continual inspections, is an important pillar of quality assurance.
Quality control - Assured quality
At TEEKANNE, the Quality Assurance and Product Development is a separate department with 29 employees, operating according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 and the International Food Standard. TEEKANNE Laboratory In Germany, TEEKANNE has its own, highly specialized quality testing laboratory, where 12 employees carry out 20,000 analyses every year. The laboratory has state-of-the-art equipment, owing to which many more parameters may be tested than required by the law. Quadruple quality control Each raw material undergoes quality control four times: before the purchase, on receipt of the goods, after the blending und after the production. Owing to this, within the quality assurance, the decision is made whether the goods meet the high requirements of TEEKANNE and may be used for our products.
Quality control - Sensory tests
Besides the laboratory tests, all raw materials undergo sensory tests, that is the appearance, smell and taste of every material are checked. Our own tea tasters and their team check samples of goods and the supplied raw materials during the whole production process at TEEKANNE in Düsseldorf. In this way the sensory quality of a product is guaranteed before it is launched in the market. Packaging quality Even the packaging of TEEKANNE products must meet top quality standards, We only use packaging which fulfills our sensory and laboratory requirements. To assure the good quality of TEEKANNE products, we purchase all raw materials and packaging materials ourselves.
Own creation - Tea Taster
Each TEEKANNE product has its unique, incomparable and recognizable taste. Our team of experienced and specially trained tasters and product developers make sure that this will also be the case in the future. Tea is a natural product and, as such, is subject to natural fluctuations. The region of origin and the moment of harvesting have a great influence on its taste. In order to balance this, our experts create favourite TEEKANNE brand blends which always taste the same using different ingredients. Our experts taste hundreds of samples of raw materials until they decide on the final blend. Special blends Only special leaf grades or special herb and fruit qualities are used for TEEKANNE teas, because only this special choice provides the right taste. Product development Many new products are developed in the Product Development Department every year. However, before they can be launched in the market, over 500 different samples are mixed and tasted. The development of a new TEEKANNE product requires many factors: The raw materials must be of perfect quality and in sufficient quantity.
Own creation
And, of course, the final decision is made on the basis of the taste of individual ingredients, but also ingredients in relation to each other. The aim of each blend composition is the creation of an outstanding taste experience. Production and logistics Almost all TEEKANNE products are packed on TEEPACK machines, which are our own development.
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