Cooperative Buying

In our company, TEEKANNE, it is important to maintain direct and long-term partnerships with our suppliers. This is why, in case of raw materials which are grown, we conclude agreements with our suppliers locally and offer them investment and planning safety. Part of our obligation is also support in the area of professional farm management, which we offer to our partners through our own agricultural engineers.

This model is attractive for us, because quality can be inspected and optimized on site.

For many years, our policy has been to purchase most of our raw materials from suppliers that grow plants for us on a contract basis and/or are our long-standing partners. At present, as much as approx. 65 % of our raw materials come from such supplier relationships.
Our goal is to achieve 80 % by 2020.

Goal 2020

Our goal: By 2020, 80 % of our raw materials will be purchased from suppliers on the basis of long-term partnerships.

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Environmentally friendly processing

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