Sweet, Sweeter, Rosé Latte

 21. 08. 2017
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Our favourite tea in 2017 is pink

All you need is some black tea, a splash of milk froth and a dash of rose syrup. 

Enjoy fragrant tea in a unique way

Foodies all around the world can now look forward to the latest exciting creations. Rainbow-coloured bagels, cakes that appear like giant rain drops and now there’s a café latte that tastes like a beautiful bouquet of roses. Strictly speaking the highly desired drink is not a “real” latte, but tea topped with milk froth. 

Strong black tea meets delicious rose scent

The Rose Latte is naturally not pink tea, yet there’s also no artificial colours involved. The magic ingredient is rose syrup. It not only adds a lovely rose tint to the milk froth, it also gives the drink it’s lovely, subtle flavour. Mixed with our selected black tea, this extraordinary combination results in a truly taste tingling “tea-experience”. The flavours are strong yet delicate and bitter-sweet. If you prefer a special energy kick, BLACK LABEL, the strongest TEEKANNE tea will do the trick.

  • Rosé Latte

Rosé Latte

Recipe for Rosé Latte

Recipe for Rosé Latte


  • Black tea, 1 tea bag TEEKANNE BLACK LABEL per person
  • Frothed milk (cow’s milk, soy milk or almond milk)    
  • Rose syrup
  • Dried rose petals to besprinkle 


  • Prepare the tea (you’ll find the instructions on the sachet)
  • Warm the milk, add a dash of rose syrup and froth. Be careful, rose syrup has a very sweet, intense taste.
  • Add froth to your tea and besprinkle with dried rose petals.       
  • This amazing drink also works cold! Add some ice cubes and use fresh rose petals instead of dried ones.

Hint: Be creative! Have you heard of Latte Art? With a stable hand and some patience, you can create magical patterns on top of your cup. Almost too pretty to drink ;-)


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